Friday, May 15, 2009

Stroller Rage Part II

Lately, I've become more and more bitter about people without strollers on the tram. Not that I think non-stroller people should be banned from riding, but for heaven's sakes people, unless you have a stroller, wheel chair or a mobility problem, get out of the only wheel chair/stroller accessible car on the tram.

Jason says I need therapy.

Today, we reached stroller insanity. Normally, after dropping Sarah off, Daniel and I head home a different way. This frequently involves a good walk, but today I needed to go shopping, so I wanted to head back towards Basel. This was what I like to call a bad idea.

When we got on the tram, there were 4 strollers, 4 mothers with strollers and 2 women with no children and no visible mobility problems. In fact, one woman wandered around the tram, going up and down the stairs, choosing to end up in the stroller compartment.

At our maximum, there were 8 strollers. 8. And three women who just wanted to be in the stroller compartment. (Two of them were there to talk to their friends. I know this because all were mothers from the school and while I may not know their names, they are certainly familiar to me.)


Of course, Daniel chose this time to be incredibly screechy. And I've decided that while it might be more convenient to go straight from school to Basel for shopping, I will instead head home my usual way and avoid the stroller nightmare.

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  1. Maybe you can dispose of your dirty diapers by unrolling them and sticking them to the backs of these people?