Monday, May 25, 2009

Dry Cleaning Take II

So, the super expensive dry cleaning came back on silver hangars, not white like our cheap Plumsteadville cleaners, so clearly it's worth it.

Or not.

I asked around and dry cleaning is a very hot topic among the expat wives. But, the responses were all identical--it's just that expensive. One woman, who was the envy of all the moms, had an iron that cost 600Euro,($840.72). She said it works fabulously. The overall consensus is that I need to buy a high end iron and iron my husband's shirts. I've been looking around, but it's hard to figure out when everything is in German.

So, I took two more pairs of pants to the dry cleaner. This time (same dry cleaner) it was 12.50CHF and 7 days. I picked those up today and dropped off 3 more pairs of pants. 10CHF and 10 days. I'm so confused. So confused.

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  1. I am confused too! That is pure craziness! Post some pics of your house and surrounding area, I am so curious about the Ogden of Switzerland!