Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Living in Ogden

My long time friend, Amy, came to visit us. She arrived Sunday night and is leaving bright and early Thursday morning. It is her first trip to Switzerland.

Unfortunately, as she found out, we live in the Ogden of Switzerland. That's Jason's description of it anyway. You think you are coming to this fabulous country and find out that while it is fabulous, you're stuck in the less than fabulous region. (For my Pennsylvania readers, I think the comparison would be that Basel is the Allentown of Switzerland, if you get my drift.)

Not saying that I don't like Basel, because I do. And yesterday Amy and I walked to two castles, and then for dinner we walked to Germany and ate Turkish food at the grocery store. We crossed the Rhine and saw huge barges floating down it. We even toured an old church that is the final resting place for many 14th century knights. So, it's not a bad place.

But, it's not the Alps either. It's the industrial center of Switzerland. We have lots of business and lots of factories, but very few mountains. Which is why, this morning, Amy decided not to come with me to take Sarah to school, but rather she hopped a train to Gimmelwald. This village is only accessible by cable car. So, she'll take two different trains, a bus and then a cable car up to this little village in the alps.

I hope she has a good time.

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  1. The "Allentown of Swizterland"? Ouch! At least you're still having fun!