Monday, May 4, 2009

Occupation: Hausfrau

In order to be legally here, we have to register with the township. We had to fill out forms and then we got our official paperwork back. Well, not quite. We have temporary paperwork right now. We're supposed to get a card.

This card will have our pictures on them. There were strict requirements for the pictures: No glasses, no shadows, ears showing and no teeth. Jason's picture was rejected because of a shadow on his head and I'm sure we'll receive notification that Daniel's is rejected as well because his teeth were showing.

Our pictures look like mug shots you'd see for drunken driving arrests. They are truly awful. In fact, I looked at mine and wondered what on earth possessed Jason to marry such an ugly woman.

Anyway, my form lists my occupation as "Hausfrau." Isn't that great? Hausfrau. I wonder if I can put that on my resume. I should ask an HR advice giver about that...


  1. Hausfrau just sounds a lot more harsh than homemaker. You should get some floral print mumus and gain at least 50 pounds. Then you'd be perfect for a hausfrau. Oh, and curlers in hair too!

    Bummer about the totally ridiculous pictures. I am sure it was heaven to meet those requirements with kids.

  2. Does this mean you've unpacked your computer?

  3. Interesting... I wondered why I wasn't allowed to show teeth for my passport photo here and subsequently found out that it was because teeth somehow mess up the gigantic facial recognition database of which my non-toothy face is now a part.

    Interesting and creepy.