Friday, May 1, 2009

I have ice cream in my diaper bag

Let it not be said that I am unprepared for any possible contingency. If you need, say, ice cream, I have it right here, in my diaper bag.

Well, not right now. I did, at one point. It's now safely in the freezer. But, here in Switzerland, you must bring your own shopping bags with you. If you are slothful or not a friend of the environment and forget, you must pay 0.35chf for one. Let's just say that we have so many of these bags that we could be the actual cause of global warming.

So, I am loathe to spend money on yet another one. Two days ago, when coming home from taking Sarah to school, I decided to stop at the grocery store. Seeing how we still do not have a car, we have to go grocery shopping quite regularly, as I have to be able to carry home whatever I purchase.

This trip saw me procuring ice cream. But, I had forgotten my bags. Well, I put the bacon and bread under the stroller and stuffed the ice cream in my diaper bag. Fortunately, it's only about 3 minutes on the tram and then a 5 minute walk to our house, and the trams run (normally) every 10 minutes, so at the most I would have ice cream in my bag for 18 minutes. As it took me longer to get home from Wegmans, I felt relatively confident, albeit strange.

I bet you haven't carried ice cream in your bag.

And speaking of bags, the best bags are the ones I brought with me, from Wegmans. I miss Wegmans. It's probably the thing I miss most. Ahh, Wegmans.


  1. I miss Wegmans so much! It is a real sacrifice to be without one.

    Mmmm... ice cream.

  2. I know. It's so very sad. If we had a wegmans, I might never leave here.

  3. were there dirty diapers in the bag along with the ice cream? that could add some interest to the flavor

  4. Ahh, Wegmans, indeed!--

    As I find myself really missing you, I think I'll have to go by your favorite store and eat a chocolate muffin in your honor! :)

    I still haven't called about that phone thing...I'll try to do that today...

  5. Erin told me that she heard stores will soon be made to charge people for plastic bags here too. Not sure where she heard it from but it wouldn't surprise me too much.

    I need to go to Wegmans! I'll eat a chocolate muffin for you too. :)