Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No credit? No problem!

(If you read my other blog, Evil HR Lady, you'll notice that this is almost the same post. Why? Because they are my blogs and I'll do what I want to, thank you very much.)

I blew up my computer. Yes, it's true. I bought the right cords and plugged it into the wall and forgot to flip the little switch on the back of the computer that changes it from 115 to 230 volts, or amps, or whatever the heck you measure electricity in. (Can you tell I did not study physics or electrical engineering or whatever one would study to know this? Just ask me about political theory, though. That, I know. Plus, I read The Great Gatsby 3 times in college.)

Anyway, I didn't even turn the computer on. I just plugged it in and there was a bang and smoke and all the power in the room went off.

Fortunately, we have friends at church who are computer savvy. Jan and Jessica came over and inspected my computer and attempted to fix it. But, he didn't have the right part. No bother, though, he sent an e-mail to Jason with the right part number and Jason sent me a text message. I took my cell phone to the computer store and presented it to the man behind the counter.

This man, by the way, spoke English, and apologized to me for his subject/verb order. "I need to work on my English!" he said. I thought that if I could get both a subject and a verb in German I wouldn't care about the proper order, I'd just be thrilled I'd communicated something.

Anyway, the computer store (and I find this amazing), does not accept credit cards. Cash or debit only. They sell computers! And big screen televisions! And fancy computer equipment.

I can only imagine that a place like that in America would go out of business if it didn't accept credit.

Fortunately, my part was only 29.90CHF, so not buying on credit wasn't a hardship. Still, I was amazed. They definitely have a different attitude towards credit over here.


  1. I would be so hosed if I had to pay cash for everything!

  2. I blew up my hair dryer in a similar fashion when I was in Australia. I'm glad your computer is fixable!

  3. Kintnersville only accepts cash, too, but that is Hicksville, so it is not as weird.