Friday, May 29, 2009

Explaining Ogden

I referred to Basel as the Ogden (or Allentown) of Switzerland in an earlier post, but without true explanation. So, here's the explanation:

We were in a mall in Germany (right across the border) eating (what else?) turkish food when two women asked us if we were Americans. We told them we were and found out that they were Mormons from Utah. Geesh, how lucky can they be to find us to help them out?

The daughter had been living in London while her husband did an "externship" (someone explain how this is different than in internship, please), and her mother had come to visit. Super. They wanted to come to Switzerland and picked Basel because Ryanair flies from London to Basel for like $25 or something ridiculous.

So, they got here, thinking, "Swiss Alps! Cows with bells!" and got, instead the industrial part of Switzerland. Jason said, "yeah, this is the Draper of Switzerland."

We helped them get oriented, taught them how to use the tram system and instructed them to take a train to somewhere with Alps. They were so relieved to have found us.

Then Jason started reflecting, and based on the fact that Draper just received this:

he decided it was more Ogdenish, than Draper.

I disagree, and shall be posting pictures shortly. But, the fact does remain--we're not in the Alps, although there are plenty of cows.


  1. I think you are paying a high compliment to Odgen. I've been to Ogden, I'd much prefer to live in Basel based on your pictures and experiences.

    My firm has in the past had externships. I'm guessing we don't now due to cost cutting. In short, an externship was 2-3 weeks long and you were essentially getting paid to participate in team building activities and to learn more about the firm. Not sure if the externship in London was anything like ours.

  2. can i just tell you? a friend of mine's facebook status the other day said "almost to Ogden" and i was like, wait, i've heard that word before! i don't know if she's moving there or just visiting (though the post also said something about a uhaul, so i guess the former), but such a weird coincidence! patti