Thursday, May 14, 2009

I want people to think I'm Swiss

This morning on the way to the tram, Sarah wanted to stop and put her jacket on. It was perfectly warm out, so I asked her why. "I want people to think I'm Swiss," she said.

The jacket is definitely a sign of Swissness. (Swissitude? I'm not sure.) Everyone has jackets around here. Babies are bundled into sweater oblivion.

The weather changes rapidly, and I carry jackets in the stroller, as well as umbrellas, but I don't wear my jacket unless it's cold.

We got on the tram and Sarah was right: There was only one other man on the tram without a jacket. I was wearing short sleeves, capris and sandals. Daniel was in bare feet. (He likes to pull his socks off and fling them, so he's normally barefooted anyway.)

My German is terrible, but I understand all the old ladies who get in a dither over poor freezing Daniel. One lady even grabbed his foot in the grocery store and then said in shock, "He's warm!" "Yes," I said. My kids got the arctic genes from their father.

Sarah, by the way, took off her jacket half way to school. She was too warm.

1 comment:

  1. Sarah is too cute.

    And I would be doomed there, seeing as I practically lived at a ski resort and my preferred clothing in the dead of winter was a shirt and a thin fleece vest.

    But hey, I've already run into people giving me crap about not planning on making my baby wear socks or shoes.