Thursday, July 30, 2009

For Dom

In the town next door, there is a large cathedral, known as "The Dom." The above is a picture of it. We figure it must belong to the one and only Dom, also known as the best home teacher ever.

This is Dom's bus stop. We've never actually ridden a bus to it, but we should. We always take the tram, which, unfortunately, is not named after Dom. It should be.

This is the street sign--translated it means "Dom's Street." Isn't Sarah cute?

This is Dom's pipe organ. Apparently it is quite famous. We should go hear a concert.

This is Dom's donation box. We, of course, donated.

This is Dom's fountain. Most fountains in Switzerland have drinking water in them, so you can fill your water bottles. Not Dom. Strictly for beauty. Curses, Dom. Be generous with the water!

This area is known as Domplatz--or Dom's place. The buildings on the side are actually government offices.

This means there is no driving on all of Dom's property.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I have a building, a fountain, a donation box, signs giving direction, and a very large organ. Does it get any cooler.

    Thank you for not driving on my property and please fill your water bottles elsewhere--sorry.