Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Potty Post

This is a story about the public toilet pictured above. Please note, this is the actual potty in the story. We aim for accuracy in reporting. Please also note that this story happened to Sarah and Sarah has given me permission to share it with you all.

A few months ago, Sarah and Jason were in Basel without me and Daniel. Sarah needed to go potty, so they headed to these lovely public toilets at a very busy tram stop called Barfussserplatz.

For the unitiated, some of these toilets don't have normal flush mechanisms. They have buttons on the wall labeled "WC." They also have similar buttons labeled "SOS." Sarah, being new to the high tech bathroom scene was sitting on the throne, wondering what the "SOS" button did.

So, being highly inquisitive, she pushed it. Oops.

A siren sounded, lights flashed and the door opened. Yikes! Sarah, aware that she was now exposed to a line of people waiting for their turn, leapt off the toilet and ran to the corner and started screaming. Jason ran in and was able to stop the sirens and close the door.

All in all, a very embarrassing experience. But, now that it is several months in the past, it's a hilarious story.

So, when you come visit us, you don't need to find out for yourself what the SOS button does. Just try to stick to the WC one.

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  1. Poor Sarah! I would be traumatized for life! I get stressed out if someone even knocks on the bathroom door while I'm trying to go.