Friday, August 7, 2009


Our freezer has three drawers. Since we moved here we've always kept ice cream in the top drawer. There has never been a discussion about this; it is just where the ice cream lives.

Today I bought expensive (aren't they all?) chocolate ice cream. Jason, Sarah and Jason's father went out to dinnner while I stayed home with Daniel, so I felt justified.

Is it unethical if I put the remaining ice cream in a different drawer and not mention that I bought it? Say, the drawer that usually houses frozen vegetables? And for the record, Jason doesn't read this blog.


  1. Of course it's ethical to hide the ice cream. After all, they went to dinner without you. It only seems fair.

  2. OR you can just eat it all before they get home, that's what I do when I am 8 months pregnant. Also, just FYI, I am actually 6 hours ahead of YOU ;-)