Friday, July 17, 2009

Rules, rules and, um rules

Forgive me for not rotating pictures. My computer is broken and I'm using Jason's laptop and I don't want to install photo editing software on his computer. He probably has it somewhere, but I don't want to go digging. Just turn your head a little.


Anyway, Switzerland is a country of rules. And these are the most amusing ones. The one below is a rule list posted along the Rhine river in Basel. It's a wonderful place to walk, but as you'll notice by looking at number 4, it is not a good place to relieve yourself.

Then there's this one. Admittedly, this picture was found in a museum, as part of the exhibit. But still, someone had to actually make the poster.

And here is Daniel breaking the above rule.


  1. Awesome poster. Way to be a rebel Daniel! My kids would be right there with you behind bars.

  2. I, myself, am a rule follower but I so love the picture of Daniel breaking the rule.

  3. I'm for following ALL the rules! (Except the recycling ones on Nantucket Island!! One can hardly understand them.