Saturday, July 25, 2009


We walk. A lot. In fact, we have no car. We keep talking about buying a car, but we haven't done it. So we walk.

And I've worn out shoes. These two have been thoroughly destroyed. And now I need new shoes. And Megan isn't around to take me shopping.


Plus, in European sizes I wear a 42! Doesn't that sound monstrously huge? It's so traumatic.


  1. Wow, Suzie, that is pretty bad. It looks like you should have thrown out those shoes months ago! Have fun finding some new ones!

  2. You just bought those flats with the cherries 5 months ago! It is still a lot cheaper than buying new tires though. You'll just have to look forward to the cold weather so you can break in those great boots (at least the one pair was appropriate for lots of walking). When does it get cold in your region?