Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Activities

We attended our first church meetings in Switzerland. We arrived about 3 minutes early, which is excellent because the Swiss do not operate on Mormon Standard Time. (Although one of the speakers did come in late.)

A missionary from Taylorsville, UT translated for us. He was very nice.

The speakers (theoretically, as the missionary could have been saying anything he wanted to) all gave very nice talks about Easter and how to be more Christlike.

For Primary, they provided Sarah with several translators. One reported to me that Sarah was answering questions, just like we knew she would. She met a girl named Piera who speaks very good English. She also met another girl, whose name she doesn't remember, who speaks English.

Almost all of the adults speak English, and the people couldn't have been any nicer. Everybody was so kind and friendly and helpful.

But, here's the spooky part. When I took Daniel out of Sunday School to feed him, no one was in the hall. And there is just one hall, so I knew they couldn't be hiding.

Relief Society was kind of a nightmare. It's a rented building, so not LDS standard issue. The floor was tile. Tile is loud. Daniel wanted to throw his toys. Plink, plink, crash.

There was a small area rug in the corner, so I took him back there and tried to entertain him. Wahh! I got some bunnies (plastic, unfortunately) together for him to play with and returned to our seat. On the tile. Crash! Smash! Fling! See Daniel, the only baby in the room, throw stuff at people, who I don't know, and who are speaking German. Ja!

That's when they politely asked me to move my chair onto the carpet.


Daniel was just too cranky to sit through RS, so I took him out to the hallway. Again, there were no other people out there. What is wrong with these people? Don't they understand that you are supposed to skip portions of your meetings?

Daniel finally calmed down a little bit and we returned for the closing song and prayer.

We didn't end up leaving the building for at least 30 minutes because we were talking with everyone. As I said, the people could not have been any nicer. It was a wonderful branch and I really look forward to being there.

Sarah had a great time in primary, and after church we discovered the nursery (called kindergarten here) and let's just say that we all wish we were toddlers because it's an awesome nursery. 7 months to go for Herr Baby.

After church we ate bread and cheese and "oster fleisch." (Easter Meat. Don't ask, we don't know.) Then we headed out to visit Sarah's new school.

Sarah's school looks absolutely amazing. There is a cool track for running, that also has a long jump track. We ran lots of races. Daniel made Dad run super fast and he would giggle while they were running together. Sarah loved the playground. It had wooden climbers and a rope and a cement climbing wall. The slides were built into the side of a hill, which makes sense. That way, if you fall off the side, you are not high in the air. Duh. I guess we would do that in the US if we had as many hills as we do there.

We played on the playground and walked around the school and looked in all the windows. Just from looking in the window, we can tell that the curriculum is stronger than the Central Bucks school district. And considering that CB is one of the best districts in the state, that says something.

We left the school and went for a drive, which will be described in the next post.


  1. "7 months to go for Herr Baby."

    Who is Herr Baby and what is happening in 7 months?????

  2. How did you know they politely asked you to move to the carpet?

    What!?? No hall lingerers?!--Are you in another country or something?

    Tiled floors...?--I take it the walls are not carpeted either?