Friday, April 17, 2009


There are two main stores here, Migros and Coop. Migros has a "budget" brand that is (we understand) generally good quality. It's also quite a bit cheaper than name brand. There is no picture of the product on the wrapper, and the wrapper is opaque, so you have to make a judgement based on the written description.

This would not be a problem if we spoke German. Or French. Or even Italian. But, we don't.

So, we bought what we thought was crackers. They were next to the crackers. We took them home and got out some cheese to put on our crackers. We opened the package and disocovered--vanilla sandwich cookies with chocolate filling.

So now when Sarah asked for an "Unhealthy treat" she asks for either "the cookies we bought on purpose" or the "cookies we didn't mean to buy."



  1. I've had many of those "cookies I didn't mean to buy" moments (and I can read English!)

  2. Ha ha! I wish I could come visit you and have some of the "cookies you didn't mean to buy".