Monday, April 20, 2009

Please stay in this country

Sunday afteroon we rode the tram by our house (beloved Tram 10) all the way to it's other end, in Flüh. This is right on the French border. There were beautiful walking and riding trails, so we went for a walk.

Sarah loved the dandelion fields and she collected a huge bouquet, but then she got angry and threw it away. We're still operating on not a lot of sleep around here.

Note the pollen on Jason's pants. Lots of dandelions.

The path we took back had stone markers. One side said S for Switzerland and the other said F for France. Yes, we were strolling along the border. (This time, no guards with guns, thankfully.)

Sarah kept jumping over to France. How often do you say to your child, "Get back in this country right now!" and "Don't go to France without permission."

At one point, I pushed Daniel's stroller over the border, while staying in Switzerland myself, so we could say we sent the children to France without us.

I know, we're not as funny as we think we are. But, dang it, I thought it was funny, and it's my blog. So laugh.