Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Showing off our superior manners

Daniel goes to nursery at church now. Currently, there are three little boys and one little girl. They get a snack every week. The families rotate the responsibility of providing the snack. Usually, it is fruit and pretzels, or something similar.

Well, this Sunday the mom in charge of snack brought in some granola bars with a bit of chocolate on the outside. She cut a bar into bite sized pieces and placed it on the table with the fruit.

Our well mannered little schweinkind started grabbing at the chocolate granola bar. One of the other boys managed to grab one piece. The 3rd boy and the girl got none. (The girl didn't like them anyway--so no great loss.) So, Daniel has his hands completely full of the treat. Boy 3's mother says to him, "Daniel, can you let Raphael have one piece?"

Daniel looks up at her and shoves both fists in his mouth, getting all the granola bar in his mouth at once.

I didn't witness this in person, but heard the story from two different people. Ahh, to be the mother of Mr. Piggy. Don't mess with Daniel and his food. Gee, I wonder where he picked that up?

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  1. Oh, the beauty of sharing. That's my boy. All those little suggestions I whispered in his ear while he slept in my arms during your sunday school lessons are now a reality. I guess I am influential

    I'm amazed that daniel is in the nursery already. He'll be driving by the time we see you and your family again