Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Disaster Narrowly Averted

Tomorrow morning, I am going visiting teaching. This is a Church program where each woman in gets visited by two other women each month. We're supposed to bring a lesson and chat for a bit. It's a great program and I must confess my lack of faithfulness to it, for the past while.

It's not all my fault--they didn't assign me women to visit at first, because of that whole language barrier. Then they did assign me people and a companion and well, then, the sin becomes mine doesn't it?

So, my companion and I have repented and we're going tomorrow. My German is still terrible, so I thought I'd do something very American (or perhaps very Utahn) and bring cookies. I cannot speak German, but I can bake. (Ich kann nicht Deustch sprechen, aber ich kann backen.)

I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies because they are a novelty here. Despite the chocolate that runs in the streets, chocolate chips are not available. Neither is brown sugar or baking soda (although I did locate some of the latter in Germany), so no one around here makes them.

I went to get my chocolate chips out of the cupboard and they were gone! Horrors! I was sure that I had one more bag. I searched high and low and did not locate them. I did, however, find Jason's Thai Potato Chips. He'll be thrilled.

So, I searched once more and whew! Found them! It is my last bag, however. Good thing Jason is taking a trip to the US in February. Chocolate chips are very important.


  1. I agree. Chocolate chips are vitally important.
    Good choice going with chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn't love them?

  2. That's it. Emily and I are sending you provisions. Brown Sugar, baking soda and chocolate chips.

  3. Woo-hoo! Jason's coming to the US in a week or so, so he'll restock for me. Don't worry your pretty little heads--I may not have any food storage, but I can always make cookies.

  4. homemade chocolate chip cookies are one of the food groups aren't they? No brown sugar, chocolate chips, baking soda? Are you in a 3rd world country?

    Choco chip cookies are healthiest if you eat as many as you can before they cool Warm cookies have no calories. I think that is right, isn't it?