Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things that are just wrong

Mostly, things in Switzerland are wonderful. But there are a few things that are just w-r-o-n-g.
  • If there are two elevators side by side, pushing a call button will, more often than not, only summon one of the elevators. You have to guess which elevator in the bank is closer to you!
  • No life guards at public swimming pools.
  • Speaking of pools, Speedos are just wrong. Okay, I'll allow them for a swim team (although the Olympic athletes don't even wear them any more). But you, paunchy Swiss man, put some regular swim trunks on.
  • And put the swim trunks on your 7 year old as well. No speedos for kids!
  • And let's not talk about bikinis, grooming and all the areas in which a female grows hair. I know it's sexist, but you are only allowed to show the hair on your head. Any other hair should be covered or removed.
  • Air conditioning is a fundamental human right. Why have the Swiss not realized this?
  • Men who wear more jewelry than Zsa Zsa Gabor.
  • 14 year olds drinking beer on the tram. (Legal drinking age is 16.)
  • Brown sugar? Doesn't exist.
  • Slugs.
Thanks. Now I feel better.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'll totally send you brown sugar for Christmas!

  2. Can you get molasses? You can make brown sugar with regular white sugar and molasses...if you really need it.

  3. I will have to have my hubby get rid of his speedo. DANGIT!

  4. Emy and Amy, I brought a ton of brown sugar with me, so I'm good. You can get molasses and I know people that make their own. I'm lazy and have a husband that makes regular business trips to the US.

    Dalene, now I must bleach out my brain. Thanks. (No insult intended to your lovely, and handsome husband, of course. I don't want to see my husband in a speedo either.)

  5. When Jordan and I lived in Mainz, I dreaded the walk to the train station after it rained because there were literally hundreds (maybe it was a million?) of slugs lining the sidewalks. I'd get dizzy from staring at my feet trying not to step on one. Seriously gross.