Monday, September 14, 2009

The most important thing

I bought Root Beer today.

I realize that for most of you, this is the sort of news that makes you yawn. But to us expat types this is something to be shouted from the rooftops. Plus it was only 1.40chf per can. Yippee!

I found it at an Asian Market that I've passed a zillion times and never been in. It's on the tram line we take for Sarah's school, so I'm usually coming or going with other things to do so I don't stop.

Today, however, Sarah started her after school cooking class. The school requires that a parent pick up the child and then deliver the child to the class. This is ridiculous, seeing how school gets out at 3:15 and the class starts at 3:30, but I'm a rule follower, so Daniel and I went, saw Sarah for about 5 minutes, then sent her off the class.

Since it is 45 minutes to home and class was 70 minutes, Daniel and I went for a walk to this Asian market. It's A&W rootbeer, so no caffeine either. I'm thrilled.

In my German class, we started learning about food and how to order in a restaurant. Our teacher has been surprised by how important we think this topic is. The discussion drifted into cupcakes and he didn't know a German word for them, because he's never seen them around, but then he mentioned that he had seen bagels.

Well then. Bagels. None of the students (3 Americans, 1 Argentinian and 1 Japanese) had seen bagels since our planes touched down in der Schweiz. We all wanted to know where he had seen these supposed bagels. (Well, the woman from NYC declared, presumptively, that they would be lousy. Bagel snob.) He couldn't remember, and I bet he saw them in Germany. (He's German. The language schools like to have German teachers because Swiss German creeps in too much with a Swiss teacher.)

We think food is important. Now that I have a source for rootbeer, I may have to buy some $12 ice cream (900 ml!) and make a rootbeer float.


  1. Life with expensive rootbeer and ice cream, how do you do it? And no bagels! I'd die.

  2. I bought rootbeer today too. A&W. 12 cans for $2.50. Stan had a hard time finding rootbeer on his mission. I guess the Spanards think it tastes like medicine. I hope you get a rootbeer float!

  3. the important food groups!!!!

    root beer and ice cream. the combination is heavenly.

  4. Oh man, diet root beer and light ice cream... the only things that kept me sane during my pregnancy!

  5. No bagels?!?!! I definitely couldn't live over there. I need bagels like I need air. I will have to bring my own bagel supply when I come visit. Do they have cream cheese?