Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daniel says, "I won't do that and you can't make me"


  1. Look at those mountains in the background!

    I miss talking with you...
    the rest of the week/weekend is super busy,(my mom and sister are coming in for the Halloween festivities and church trunk or treat (that I got totally roped into coordinating!) (imagine that?!) but next week is more open...are you around on Monday or Tuesday if I call in the morning my time?

    P.S. My friend's sister in law works for Novartis and lives in Basil...I forget her name, though...does Jason know someone that fits that description? tee hee...I'll get more details...

  2. Suzanne, Daniel and Zoey should get together and make their two-year-old comments together so we don't have to hear them. Today Zoey told me she was "bored" - yeah, on the first day I have had home with her in months. Nice. I love reading about your travels but rarely comment because I am too lazy. We miss you.