Thursday, June 4, 2009

More about clothes

I spoke with Shannon yesterday and she said that my posts on dry cleaning were interesting. Discounting the fact that Shannon also devotes a great deal of time to ducks, I decided to do one more post on the topic.

You see, I purchased a new iron. Not just any iron. A pressurized steam iron. It's awesome. It makes Jason's shirts actually presentable.
Philips GC8220/02 B├╝gelstation

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I will confess, though, that when we move back to the US, I will resume my patronage of dry cleaners. This is too much like work.


  1. This is why I choose to remain in Asia, so I can hire someone else to iron the shirts ;-)

  2. So what are you saying...that I don't have much credibility because I would rather hang with ducks more than people most of the time??
    (tee hee) It really WAS's just so cool to hear the everyday challenges that present themselves when living in a foreign never really hear about these things....

    That's one mighty fine looking iron! It looks like you might not even need starch...

  3. That iron is cool!! I am a lover of ironing, most likely a genetic defect. My sister, Denise says that we inherited "the primping gene" and I'm thinking "the ironing gene" must not be far behind! My mother loves to iron, I mostly like what things look like when I iron and the feel of my sheets when I iron! But that iron is pretty inticing, to be sure!

    I am a bit intimidated as to how to use it! I guess I didn't inherit "the handy gene"...

    Let me know how it works!